Brass Clinching Stud

Material: Steel, Alloy, Brass

Size: customise


Clinching Stud a new type of fastener applied to sheet or sheet metal. The principle is that the embossed tooth is pressed into the preset hole of the sheet metal. The diameter of the general pre-set hole is slightly smaller than the press-in diameter of the press rivet screw, and the outer diameter of the press-stud screw is pressed into the plate by the pressure. The periphery of the hole is plastically deformed, and the deformation is squeezed into the guide groove to produce a locking effect. Pressure riveting screws are divided into quick cutting steel riveting screws, stainless steel riveting screws, and copper and aluminum riveting screws from the material, which should be used in different environments. Specifications are usually used from M2 to M6. There are no unified national standards for press riveting screws, only industry standards. Commonly used in electronics, communications, electrical appliances, chassis, cabinets, sheet metal and other industries.


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